Balneario Las Tinajitas

Address : Located within the Forest of Spring, at km . 20 of the Guadalajara -Nogales highway, and penetrating a 5 kms . by dirt road into the forest.
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Phone: (33) 3617-2656
Description: It has 2 pools , wading pools , soccer fields , volleyball , dining , restaurant, place for camping, restrooms, parking , natural prey ,

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Balneario Cañón de las Flores

Location : Km 20 Federal Highway 15 Gdl- Tepic, in the forest Spring Zapopan, Jalisco. . C.P : 45220
Phone: (33) 3151-0160
The services that account are: thermal pools , lifeguards , changing rooms, showers , toilets, surveillance, slide, cafe, picnic tables , grills , children’s rides, parking and volleyball courts .
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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Bosque de la primavera

For its volcanic origin in Spring Forest births there are hot springs, exploited by the owners who offer services in some spas located within the protected area and more in the area of ​​influence.
In addition to the spas you can also access the river of hot water, this area is exclusively to immerse yourself in hot water, has no facilities of any kind.
The cost of admission is $ 20 per car to enter the forest and $ 10 per person to access the river of hot water.

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Balneario Termal Las Delicias

To reach this resort from Guadalajara on the road to Morelia in the cruise collimated you head down the road to Christmas bar which crosses the municipality of Villa Corona
Located in Villa Corona, Jalisco, on an area of ​​4 hectares, it has a panoramic view of the lagoon of Villa Corona, green areas, sports fields and especially the unique thermal waters of the springs in the area.
Adults $ 70.00 pesos
Children 4 to 10 years $ 35.00
Spa open on Saturdays,

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Address: Carretera Barra de Navidad Guadalajara #Km 47, Colonia Villa Corona, Jal.
Guadalajara Jalisco.
C.P: 45730Teléfono: (377) 378-0014
Fax: (377) 378-0161
Hours: Monday-Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Description: Aquatic Park, bungalows, trailerpark, clear and true hot springs (39 degrees Celsius). 5 thermal Albercas giants, 3 Large wading pools, private family pools, large trees, 12 hectares of green grass, restaurant, family terraces, natural lake, boat ramp,

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Agua Caliente Parque Acuático

Address: Km 56 Carretera Guadalajara – Barra de Navidad , Municipality of Colonia Villa Corona Guadalajara, Jalisco. . C.P. 45730
Tel : (33) 3616-3249 / 3616-3251
Fax: (33) 3615-8889
Description: with the largest wave pool in the state of Jalisco. swimming pools and wading pools with its rich and warm thermal waters , fungi rain , aquatubos , green areas surrounded by lush trees , volleyball or basketball with friends ,

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Tamazula de gordiano – Las jarras

Jiquilpan- road manzanillo s / ​​ncol : the gatehouse cp .: 49667 Jalisco Tamazula de Gordian
Phone: (358)416-5144
Services : spa , natural steam , body , and facial treatments lodoterapiaalbercas , terraces, temazcal mud bath , area water park with pools , slides , playground spacious green areas parking restaurant service, mini super .

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El Hongo Club Parque acuático y balneario

Av. Alamo No. 109Col. El Porvenir Ocotlan, Jalisco.
Open daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
General admission $ 40
Children under 10 $ 30
Children under 3 are free
Description: Drinks, food, seafood weekends, Sale swimsuit, lifeguard and souvenir, football chivas School, School wrestling, swimming school, summer courses.

individual and common terraces, Steakhouses, 2 tennis grassed football, Tennis volleyball, 2 basketball courts, Lifeguards,

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Parque acuático Kikapu

Address: August 6 S / N . Col. Centro Lagos de Moreno . C.P. 47400. Lagos de Moreno Jal . . Tel . (474)742-8199
Description: Beach Volleyball , camping area , garden triunfono . Massage . Lake for sport fishing . Furnished cabins for Accommodation per night . Mud baths . Spa , temazcal , massage, naturopathic treatments , facials, Asaderos . Meeting Rooms auto makeup courses ,

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Parque Acuático Santa Rita

Santa Rita Water Park is a family entertainment park where you and your family can enjoy a refreshing day with the chance to stay a whole week end by staying in our bungalows or camping in our area.

In our water park waters they are 100% natural, unique in the region and with important therapeutic properties, which are at an average temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

Water Park in Santa Rita you can enjoy toboggans and deuna private pool,

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Since pre-Hispanic times , the Aztec emperors visited Oaxtepec for its fauna , flora but especially for its unique climate and water quality . For this reason they decided to build a botanical garden. Some time later and through a mega infraestrucura , one of the most modern in the state of Morelos waterparks was created.
The Oaxtepec Water Park is the largest and most modern family resort in Latin America,



The Waterpark El Rollo has more than 50 years in the tourist service, and is considered the water slide park most important in Latin America, always looking to be at the forefront of technology, security , systems management quality and environment .

The park has an area of ​​30 hectares, divided into 4 sections and 2 recreation rooms with large green areas and parks, and pools where you can spend pleasant moments .



Tepetongo Water Park is always fun, has 15 exciting slides for children and adults , pool of giant waves and the best part is that no matter the weather , because the Super Aquadomo , with more than 3400 mts four themed areas and the Jurassic grotto the fun never stops .

Water Park in Tepetongo children and adults will enjoy water rides fun, exciting and safe , you can also bring your food or camping.

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Located in the municipality of Tlaltizapán in the State of Morelos is the Spa Stakes, arguably one of the most visited for its natural beauty and its proximity to Mexico City places.

Stakes is a unique place because it is here where the Yautepec river flows with a borbollón having a width of about 12 m, with variable depth and crystalline waters that are rich in minerals. His name is because in the past put stakes on the river bank to control the rise of the water and to irrigate the land attached.

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TEMIXCO / ExHacienda de Temixco

Temixco is a municipality in the state of Morelos in Mexico . Form a metropolitan area with Cuernavaca , Jiutepec , Emiliano Zapata, and Ocuilan Xochitepec .

Characterized as the yields of General Mariano Matamoros International Airport that serves the city of Cuernavaca , Ruins of Xochicalco and small archaeological ruins located in the community of Eternal Spring the same municipality, also highlights the Ex Hacienda de Temixco currently serving as water park.

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Chilcuautla, Hidalgo Parque Acuático Ecológico Tlacotlapilco

Park with hot springs and a family atmosphere . Ecological Water Park is located in Tlacotlapilco Tlaco , 6 km north of the municipal head of Chilcuautla and is easily accessible .

Located along the Moctezuma River, this park is characterized by the rich vegetation surrounding it and its beautiful old trees . The park is fed by a spring of volcanic hot springs from 35 to 40 ° C.

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Welcome to the Oasis Spa ! Whether you’re looking for a unique place for a fun group outing , a romantic getaway or a secluded retreat between nature and a warm climate.
At Spa Oasis you’ve found the right place.

The hot springs are reputed to have therapeutic properties and have been a meeting place for centuries where families and friends seeking rest and relaxation , you just need a visit,