Comida Baja Mediterránea

Product mix of Chinese and Mediterranean , original of the peninsula of Baja California, the “Mediterranean Baja ” . Low Mediterranean food is served with wine, drink playing a key role. The menu features a wide variety of options, such as artisanal food made ​​with vegetables, fruits , herbs and seafood ( including seafood such as lobster , clams , shrimp and different types of pescasdo ) accompanied by a variety of Mexican sauces .

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Ensalada César, originaria de Tijuana

The Caesar salad is a salad of romaine lettuce, croutons seasoned (called croutons in French, or ” crouton ” in Spanish ) and Parmesan cheese. In addition , wearing white garlic sauce base. The inventor of this salad was the chef and restaurant owner called Caesar Cardini . In honor of him the salad bears his name. This salad is very popular and has come to internationalize still possible to find in various restaurants in the world .

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Sopa de aleta de tiburón

Genuine shark fin soup is made with shark fins . The fins are processed before being prepared , they remove the skin and then dry them . They are usually washed before with hydrogen peroxide to make their appearance and attractive color. Shark fins are the cartilaginous parts corresponding to the pectoral fins as the dorsal both . The fins are marketed in two ways: dried or frozen . Both need to be soaked before being part of the soup.

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Quesadillas de leche

milk, brown sugar and cinnamon mix, it gets to fire continuously moving up weighed, or until taking a little of the mixture and putting it into cold water forms a ball . Remove from the heat and beat until it forms a paste, they will put spoonfuls of it on the wafers , which are folded quesadillas , resulting in a sweet , very tasty quesadillas.

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