Visita a Las Lagunas Encantadas, Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit

The Laguna de Santa Maria del Oro is located near the town of Santa Maria del Oro, located in a volcanic crater of the Sierra Madre Occidental.

At the beginning of the route, at the top of the hills that surround it, it is on board road “El Mirador de Jacarandas”, where you can admire a fantastic panorama in the background watching the crater where the lagoon sits; It has a length of 2,000 meters long and 1,600 meters wide, with a depth of 66 meters and 8 kilometers in circumference; in the fall, you can enjoy a landscape of dense forests, while the bottom is contemplated blue and green tint of the clear waters of the lagoon, with beaches five to six meters wide. Most of the water is cool, being suitable to enjoy the delicious baths that are attributed medicinal qualities of mineral elements that contain the same waters.