Vista desde Cerro La Cruz, Tepic, NAYARIT, MEXICO;

The Cerro de la Cruz is a hill located in the city of Tepic, Nayarit (Mexico). It is located near the CONALEP on the road leading to Bellavista.

There are 2 options to climb the hill, one is a paved road with sidewalk, the other is a rough road with several trails of varying difficulty. Along the paved road there are 14 crosses representing each of the 14 Stations of the Cross. At the top of the hill there is a small esplanade, and on this there are 3 crossings; the largest has a figure of Jesus Christ and the other 2 are smaller.

Many people visit the Cerro de la Cruz for exercise, fresh air or distracted. At the top of the hill you can see very good landscapes. Also, the view you get from the city of Tepic is very good and wide. So I find it listed as a tourist attraction of the city.

The distance from the beginning of the route is 1.92 kilometers by paved road, but the distance is reduced to about 1.12 kilometers along the paths.